Bella’s Creative Palette

An array of works that have inspired me creatively:

~ Choreography ~

This piece of choreography continues to astound me no matter how many times I watch it. It achieves capturing the perfect pairing of music and movement employing both subtlety and extravagance in an exquisite minimalist piece. I am big fan of Galen’s dance and choreography style, and find a lot inspiration in her ‘physical’ manifestation of sound.


~ Thought ~

The concept of vulnerability is one of extreme significance to all artists. Brené’s work on vulnerability was revolutionary on both a personal and artistic level in the encouragement to include both the beautiful and the ugly in our creative pursuits.


~ Song ~

One of my all time favorite songs is Eden Ahbez’ song “Nature Boy” written in 1947. The extraordinary concise yet immensely powerful lyrics set to a hauntingly beautiful melody produce what in my opinion is one of the most powerful songs ever written. And there is no better delivery than Cole’s smooth phrasing and lilting, honey-like voice.


~ Voice ~ 

As a songwriter and singer myself, my ear always gravitates first to the voice in any piece of vocal music. Timbre, articulation, range and expressiveness are qualities I always seek out. Sosa’s voice encompasses a perfect blend of both delicate vulnerability as well as raw power. It is a voice I would have been honored to write for in a dream world.


~ Poetry ~

Songwriters traverse the worlds of literature and music in order to produce perfectly crafted songs. A great source of inspiration is poetry and spoken word, and Myers’ poem “Shrinking Women” is sublimely articulated piece of spoken word that expresses the experience of women through the conceptualization of space. Her voice and combination of words serves her message persuasively, and is a source of inspiration in how to write in a striking and effective manner.